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Retaining Compounds

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LOCTITE® - The better way to improve or eliminate shrink-,
press-, and slip-fit assemblies

Retaining compounds have found wide acceptance as a standard method for assembling press- and slip-fitted parts. Retaining compounds, an anaerobic adhesive, fills the “inner space” between components and cures to form a strong precision assembly. Other LOCTITE® anaerobic products include gasket sealants / flange sealantsthread sealants and threadlockers.

Find the right LOCTITE® Retaining Compound for industry:

Manufacturing & Assembly Industrial Maintenance (MRO) Vehicle Repair / Aftermarket
Industrial Manufacturing & Assembly CustomersIndustrial Maintenance & Repair CustomersVehicle Maintenance & Repair Customers
Newly Upgraded LOCTITE retaining compounds for strong cylindrical assemblies. Designed for the Industrial Manufacturing and Assmebly applications.
Retaining compounds designed for use on industrial maintenance and repair applications.
LOCTITE retaining compounds designed for use on the repair and maintenance of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and marine equipment.

Retaining Compound Information:

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Comparing Methods
Retaining Compounds vs. Mechanical Fasteners
Retaining Compound Frequently Asked Questions
Retaining FAQ
Answers to common joint and adhesives application questions

Retaining Compounds - How to Assemble & Disassemble
How to Apply & Disassemble
Guidelines will help you maximize the benefits of using retaining compounds
Retaining Compound Equipment Image
Dispensing equipment for retaining compounds.

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