PURFECT GLAZE® Sealants - a better way to assemble windows

PURFECT GLAZE® window glazing sealants bond glass to window sash or frame and result in lower total cost and higher window performance for customers. The PURFECT GLAZE® system includes a special selant, a robust application process, and a customized equipment package that integrates seamlessly into current manufacturing processes.

PURFECT GLAZE® system will notice significant benefits:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Increased productivity from existing assets
  • Fewer field complaints from warped, bowed or leaky windows
  • Less work in progress
  • Less inventory
  • Increased ability to meet short lead time orders

PURFECT GLAZE® eliminates the need to stack windows while waiting for curing, allowing manufacturers to cut work in progress and meet the demands of just in time delivery. The properties of these unique sealants, with their instant strength and Acceleration TechnologyTM, keep glass from sliding, stiles and rails from bowing and allow you to wrap windows within five minutes.


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