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Reinventing Bodyspray for Mature Young Men

With Launch of RGX™ Bodyspray, Dial/Henkel Wastes No Time Reinventing Bodyspray for Mature Young Men. The Company Invigorates its Recently-Acquired Right Guard® Brand with a Unique Focus on Crisp, Clean Scents that do not Overpower

Less than one year after acquiring the Right Guard brand from Proctor & Gamble, Henkel is stirring up the U.S. male grooming/fragrance market with the introduction of RGX Bodyspray from Right Guard. The new product line was developed and will be marketed by The Dial Corporation, a Henkel company.

Dial/Henkel is aiming for bigger stakes than another “me-too” product in a hot category. The goal is to expand the bodyspray market by targeting RGX at more mature, self-confident young males. From positioning through packaging and marketing, RGX is designed to win loyalty among young men who have rejected the overpowering scents and “juvenile mating game messages” of current bodyspray competitors.

According to Stephen Koven, brand manager at Dial, “We believe a prime customer for bodysprays has been ignored. He is a ‘regular guy’—old enough to be independent and spend his own money and confident enough not to want to overpower women with his fragrance. We are counter-marketing against products that say, ‘Women will attack you when they get a whiff of you.’”

Henkel’s Aggressive Strategy to Win U.S. Consumers

This is a bold move for Henkel, a global public company headquartered in Germany, for which the acquisition of Dial represented its biggest foray into the U.S. consumer products market to date. Last year Henkel bought the valuable Right Guard brand, legendary among U.S. males and a top franchise in the deodorant category. The bodyspray sub-category, a cologne alternative, has become an attractive, incremental revenue producer for the entire category since it does not replace antiperspirant/deodorant usage. Industry sources estimate that the growing sub-category generates annual U.S. sales of about $200 million.

Since Right Guard was not represented in the bodyspray category, the first logical move for the brand team was to explore the possible entry into the segment. After consumer testing the RGX concept, Dial determined that there was a significant opportunity for both the brand and the category.

Henkel’s goal is to capture a significant share of this market in RGX’s first year via stimulating new demand with a product that is positioned, smells, and looks dramatically different. “Our approach to this category literally is the difference between black and white,” says Dial’s Stephen Koven. “Bodysprays have been sold in black packages because teenage guys associate the color black with a dark bedroom allure. RGX’s packaging is a contrast in the category, since it has a rugged, brushed aluminum casing that is bright and modern. The packaging uses unique colors to distinguish the four scents we are offering.”

“Our packaging and marketing means more than crisp, clean scents that don’t overpower. It also is designed to say to young, mature confident males, ‘We are new and different. If you’ve rejected bodysprays in the past because they don’t fit your image, you now have a choice.’”

Reinvigorating the Right Guard Brand

This is a bold opening launch for Henkel to create a new consumer brand in the competitive bodyspray market, and in doing so, it is going against the grain of how bodysprays smell and have been marketed. Henkel is making a serious effort to extend the Right Guard franchise into new territory to help invigorate it.

“Right Guard is a great brand that has earned the loyalty of millions of U.S. men, including today’s younger generation,” says Koven. “We are saying that RGX is ‘powered by Right Guard.’”

An Ignored Market: Maturing “Regular Guys”

With Henkel’s encouragement to pursue innovation, Dial product managers conducted extensive market research to identify target consumers who were not currently using bodysprays, but who were open to the concept. “Current competitor bodysprays rely on marketing that is saturated with runaway sexual imagery,” said Koven. “We believe their scents are overpowering for most women, and their consumers tend to be young teens on the prowl. We found that this positioning was a turnoff for many ‘regular guys’ who are a little older and more independent. Regular guys believe maturity and confidence can be better aphrodisiacs than an overwhelming fragrance. We are offering these guys crisper, cleaner fragrances that don’t overpower. With RGX, they will get an ‘air of confidence’™, not an air of arrogance.”

The motivating tagline for RGX – Are you ready to step up? – also aims to capture young guys who are maturing. RGX television advertising features a confident young woman who educates on the qualities ofa man vs. a boy, and how to have an air of confidence vs. an air of arrogance.”

The company will support the product launch with a double-digit million-dollar marketing/advertising campaign as different as the product. Instead of concentrating ads in sex-heavy men’s lifestyle magazines as competitors do, RGX will gain exposure in a variety of men’s fashion, entertainment, fitness, automotive, sports, ethnic and lifestyle publications. Ad buys on Cable and network TV plus radio, will aim at men with a maturing sense of self and broad personal interests.

The brand’s website, rgxlife.com, is an innovative example of how RGX is strategically using innovativedigital media to reach its target. Rgxlife.com is a men’s site dedicated to his lifestyle and interests. ForDial, rgxlife.com is a way to engage with RGX’s consumer online to form a lasting connection.

Suggested retail pricing will be at a slight premium to competitors, in part because RGX’s positioning and its more mature target commands higher disposable incomes.

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