Metal Repair, Rebuild, and Finishing

Loctite® brand Fixmaster metal filled epoxies repair, rebuild, and restore damaged parts to quickly return equipment to service.  Cured epoxies can be drilled, tapped, and machined – just like the original metal.  These non-shrinking products offer excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals and are available with mild steel aluminum or non-metallic fillers to meet every application need.

Loctite® brand Clover® compounds have been in demand for over 80 years for cutting, smoothing, and polishing metal surfaces.  Clover® compounds are available in petroleum and water-based carriers and allow final finishing of metal surfaces not practical with mechanical methods alone.

Metal Repair, Rebuild, and Finishing Products

Metal Repair, Rebuild & Finishing Success Stories

ACH 257 Glue Reservoir Leak Repair
ACH271 Fixmaster Steel Liquid Saves Machine Shop $
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