Sporting Goods & Leisure Equipment

Henkel makes the world exciting – with our extensive product portfolio, we cover a multitude of applications in the sporting equipment industry. Henkel knows that sporting equipment must perform flawlessly under demanding conditions of use such as heat, cold, pressure and vibrations. In order to meet these challenges, Henkel offers a comprehensive range of high performance products and services.

Technologies -

•  PUR
•  EVA
•  PSA

Thermosets (liquid/thixotropic)
•  PUR
•  Epoxy


Applications -

Ski / Snowboard Bonding
Our PUR hotmelts are used in foamed skis and snowboards for bonding of plywood sheets or surfacing foils to fiberglass laminate. This technology enables our customers to bond two modules in a press. Henkel introduced this innovative technology on this market.

Your advantages:
•  Fast cycle times
•  No loss of adhesive
•  Lower scrap rates
•  Improvement of aesthetic aspects
•  Cost savings

Wet Lamination
Snowboards and skis can consist of many different substrates like wood, fiberglass, polyester, steel and rubber. With our 3-component polyurethane system it is possible to laminate all these different layers.

Your advantages:
•  Improvement of board riding charactericstics
•  Lower temperatures in the production process make it possible to use low priced surfacing foils
•  Faster attainment of final strength and end-curing
•  Cost savings

Henkel's product portfolio also delivers state of the art technologies for further applications:
•  Bonding of ice hockey sticks with 2-component epoxy
•  Laminating of ice hockey wear, like gloves and various shock protectors with PSA hotmelts
•  Bonding of ski pole tips with EVA hotmelts

Our Brands

Alodine® Alodine® is a brand name for Henkel conversion, anodizing and functional coatings that provide corrosion protection and paint adhesion. more...

Bonderlube® Over fifty years of success has made Henkel's Bonderlube® line the world leader in high-performance lubricant products. more...

Frekote® Frekote offers a broad range of superior mold release agents designed for virtually all composite and rubber molding operations. more...

LOCTITE Henkel’s LOCTITE is the trusted choice for engineered, high-performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions. more...

Multan® Multan high-performance coolants for metalworking and forming of light metals, cast iron, steel alloys and non-ferrous metals. more...

P3® P3 products enhance manufacturing processes and includes rust preventatives, surface conditioners and cleaners. more...