Pulp & Paper (MRO)

From the sawmill to wastewater treatment processes, the harsh environments of the production process lead to a variety of maintenance issues.  The pulp and paper maintenance professional daily encounters many critical situations. These include failures due to corrosion of bolts mounting a hydropulper gearbox, chemical attack and downtime associated with unscheduled repairs of flanges on dye pumps and wear damage on the barking drum. These can all be eliminated and reduced with the use of LOCTITE® solutions.

  • Reduce wear to the discharge hood on the chipper
  • Stop and repair corrosion in the recovery boiler areas
  • Prevent leaks on knuckleboom hydraulics


Common Maintenance & Repair Solutions

> Adhesives > Lubricant
> Belt Repair > Metal Rebuilding and Shaft Repair
> Cleaning > Protective Coatings
> Floor and Concrete Repair > Retaining Compounds
> Floor Coatings > Specialty and Emergency
> Gasket Sealants > Surface Treatment
> Grouting Repair > Threadlocking
  > Thread Sealing


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Our Brands

LOCTITE Henkel’s LOCTITE is the trusted choice for engineered, high-performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions. more...

P3® P3 products enhance manufacturing processes and includes rust preventatives, surface conditioners and cleaners. more...