EB Coatings

Henkel provides a comprehensive line of overprint finishing and coating products, and a wide range of energy curable - ultra violet (UV) & electron beam (EB) coatings - for the printing and packaging marketplace. In addition, Henkel offers an innovative line of custom-formulated specialty coatings and finishings that will provide unique aesthetic and feel characteristics to the graphic designer's and converter's finished products.

Advantages of EB/UV Curable Technology

  • 100% reactive and no VOC/HAPS concern
  • UV/EB systems offer reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Process enabling capability of UV/EB technology invite more in-line one-step opportunity
  • Special aesthetics and performance features
  • Immediate performance
  • Cured film is recyclable

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MiraFoil® Coatings are a fully recyclable alternative to foil board laminating and hot foil stamping, and are equally brilliant to foil. Henkel's MiraFoil coatings can be applied to precise areas - reducing waste and saving time and energy through process efficiencies.

MiraCure® EB Coatings replaces one layer of film in a lamination; it eliminates one step in the process and saves costs. This coating protects and is based on free-radical polymerization of acrylates.


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