Aircraft Metal Processing Lines

Henkel: A leader in metal processing
Surface preparation is fundamental to paint adhesion and structural bonding. Henkel’s line of metal processing products prepares metal for secondary operations by cleaning and providing a high-quality etched surface. With Henkel products, customers can expect exceptionally uniform etch and extended bath/tank life. 

Henkel has a wide array of neutral, alkaline and acid based process line cleaners for metal substrates. Designed for multi-metal or specific substrates, each product meets the requirements of key OEM customers.

The Aerospace experts
A leader in the aerospace industry, Henkel also offers the latest technology in etchants/brighteners and deoxidizers used prior to conversion coatings for the cleaning and preparation of metal surfaces. The company’s deoxidizers are extremely effective for removing surface oxides, discolorations due to heat treatment, thermal debarring and smut that develops during alkaline etching and chemical milling.

A complete process line
With Henkel customers receive not just one solution, but a complete line of products to address the entirety of their process line. From rinse to cleaning to metal preparation, Henkel has a high-performance product for each process. The benefits from this system solution include matched chemistries to achieve the greatest efficiency with improved reliability. By utilizing Henkel’s tailored chemistries for the most difficult problems, customers can minimize downtime and save money. 

Service and support you can trust
Henkel’s global customer support network delivers solutions effectively and efficiently. Customers can leverage the company’s international technical expertise to improve performance, workplace health and safety, and processing ease.

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