Outstanding Achievements!

Innovations are a tradition at Henkel. As early as 1929, Henkel awarded a prize for the first time for an improvement suggestion submitted by an employee. The establishment of the company suggestion scheme developed into a culture of innovation and competition in which good ideas are systematically fostered.

Since 1982, Henkel has recognized convincing research results and innovations that have performed successfully on the market, with the Fritz Henkel Award for Innovation. And the Research/Technology Invention Award honors outstanding research work that shows definite market potential.

Robert E. Casely Award
The Robert E. Casely Award is awarded in-house to recognize individuals in Dial Technology with outstanding achievements and for a career of sustained technical contributions in their field.

The Casely Award is named after Chemist Robert E. Casely, who changed the way America bathes with his revolutionary invention of Dial soap.  Instead of using a substance to prevent the bacterial decomposition of perspiration, like other antiperspirants, Casely used a germicide to kill bacteria.

Are you an inventor?

Henkel presents the Henkel Innovation Partnership Program