Innovations in Laundry & Home Care

Dial®, Purex®, Renuzit®,– as varied as the brands and technologies from Henkel are, they have one thing in common: they are based on considerable know-how and innovative ideas. Good is never good enough. We are constantly at work to perfect our products and production processes, so that we can meet the growing and changing needs of our customers and our consumers. Below you will find a few examples of the many innovative products from Henkel.

Purex® plus Renuzit™ Super Odor Neutralizer™

Purex® plus Renuzit™ Super Odor Neutralizer™ brings together the everyday cleaning power of Purex™ and the 50 years of freshening power of Renuzit®. This incredible combination will give your laundry long lasting freshness with odor neutralization at a great value. Available in liquid and powder detergent and liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer® --Pull the Trigger on Odors!™

Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer® is an innovative fine mist air freshener that eliminates the toughest odors in AIR, FABRIC and CARPET without the use of propellants, leaving behind a fresh, clean, long-lasting fragrance.

Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer® Offers Superior Performance and Value versus the Leading Aerosol Brand

  • 3 in 1 Benefit - Neutralizes the Toughest Odors in AIR, FABRIC and on CARPET
  • Eliminates the toughest odors - tobacco smoke, bathroom and pet odors
  • Fresh, clean, long-lasting fragrance

* Safe on most fabrics and carpets when used as directed

Great Features!

  • Trigger spray delivers a consistent fine mistand superior coverage vs. regular aerosol sprays.
  • Delivers higher levels of fragrance oil per spray vs. regular aerosol sprays for longer lasting scent .
  • Advanced odor neutralization technology eliminates the toughest odors.

Environmentally Friendly Air Freshener
100% Recyclable Bottle. Does not contain CFC's.

Easy to Use:

  • Pull trigger at least 3 times to start product flow.
  • In Air - Spray 2-3 times for an average size room.
  • On Fabrics* - Mist lightly. Safe on most fabrics and carpets when used as directed .

* Not recommended for use on silk or leather.


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