Image showing application of structural adhesive to metal

Structural Adhesives

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Henkel's latest structural adhesive innovations have been specially formulated to provide tough, durable bonds to a wide variety of surfaces.

Loctite® structural adhesives provide tough, durable bonds on a variety of substrates:

       Magnet Bonding Structural Adhesives
       Metal Bonding Structural Adhesives
       Multiple Surface Bonding Structural Adhesives
       Plastic Bonding Structural Adhesives
       Wood Bonding Structural Adhesives

Henkel also offers Loctite structural adhesives designed for the unique needs of the Aerospace and Automotive Industries:

       Anti-Flutter Bonding
       Friction Bonding 
       High Temperature Assembly
       Metal and Honeycomb Assembly
       Plastic and Composite Assembly
       Structural Metal

With a huge product range of more than 65 magnet adhesives and structural adhesive solutions, the Loctite structural adhesives line provides high bond strengths and excellent resistance in severe operating environments, while preserving the aesthetics of the end product.

Structural Adhesive Benefits:

  • elimination or significant reduction of costly mechanical fastening methods
  • improved aesthetics compared to mechanical fasteners
  • fast processing speeds
  • reduction in labor costs
  • filling of large gaps between parts
  • user-friendly packaging


View the Metal Bonding Structural Adhesives page for more information.


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