Documented Cost Savings

Get It in Writing
Claims of improved efficiency, reduced downtime and bottom line savings are more substantial when they can be verified in detailed reports. Henkel’s Document Cost Savings process provides clear proof of the positive economic impact that can result from Henkel’s expertise.

Savings From a Simple Procedure
When a maintenance technician calls upon Henkel’s experience to identify a potential machinery or component problem, the results are documented in an “Improvement Suggestion.” When the suggestion is approved, it is then recorded in a “Gains/Savings Report.”

Add Up the Savings
Each Gains/Savings Report outlines the details of the problem, the solution that was implemented and the resulting benefits, such as savings in cost or time, increased production uptime or decreased waste. By using the same categories for each report, the results are easier to qualify, define and understand. Over the course of weeks and months as the Gains/Savings Reports accumulate, the benefits become ever more apparent.

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