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Recreational Vehicles

Solutions that enhance productivity

Henkel has a long history of working in partnership with the caravan and RV industry to develop adhesives and optimize RV production facilities to make major improvements in productivity and finished product quality.


Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatments for RV Manufacturing

                                Chassis                                                               Roof
                                Wall                                                                       Assembly
                                Floor                                                                     Sealing


Recreational Vehicles Applications Guide

Henkel’s Recreational Vehicles Applications Guide offers information on Henkel adhesives, sealants and surface treatments for vehicle chassis, floors, and assembly. (LT-4559) 9/11

Vehicles Industry Applications Guide

Assemblies such as truck bodies, trailers, utility trucks, emergency vehicles, backhoes, tractors, and skid steers, stronger, more reliable, quieter, and better looking than ever before. (LT-5291) 9/11

Maintenance Solutions Guide

(3.2 MB)

Guide provides solutions to industries' biggest challenges, by reducing costs, providing assistance, and increasing reliability.

(LT-3722, 9/11)

The Adhesive Sourcebook

Your source for Loctite® products for design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance. (LT-3355) 8/13

Adhesives Selector Guide

Henkel's line of general industrial adhesives allows manufacturers the ability to bond a variety of different substrates under a wide rande of process and environmental parameters. (LT-6265) 9/11

Metalworking Fluids Selector Guide

Henkel offers a full line of metalworking fluids designed to extend tool life, reduce wastes, improve quality and increase throughput. (LT-6266) 9/11

Surface Treatment Selector Guide

As the world’s leading supplier of chemical pretreatments for light metals, plastics and steel, Henkel sets high standards for corrosion protection, paint adhesion and environmental safety. (LT-6267) 9/11

Structural Adhesives Selector Guide

Loctite® Structural Adhesives have been specially formulated to meet a variety of industrial bonding requirements and are available in four application categories: magnet bonding, metal bonding, multiple surface bonding, and plastic & composite bonding. (LT-4089) 9/11

Loctite® Applications at Work

(1.4 MB)

Loctite® adhesives and sealants can help you reduce welds, rivets, and screws to create a tougher, more aesthetically pleasing vehicle while helping you cut manufacturing costs.
(LT-5830, 7/11)

Purmelt® R-200F™+ and Purmelt® R-200UV™

Henkel's latest Urethane Hot Melt innovations for the RV Market.
(LT-5830) 7/11

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