Metal Bonding

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Henkel’s structural adhesives for metal bonding have been specially formulated to provide tough, long-lasting bonds to metal surfaces, such as steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, sheet metal and stainless steel.

Metal Adhesive Applications
These adhesives are capable of reducing or replacing the need for threaded fasteners, welds or rivets, resulting in a higher quality assembly. As a result, structural adhesives are ideal for use in agriculture and construction equipment, automotive and specialty vehicles, aircraft, commercial furniture, appliances, signage, tub and spa, and structural building components.

Our structural adhesives have been formulated to withstand higher temperatures, provide excellent chemical resistance, survive aggressive pre-treating and high performance paint processes, and provide long-term corrosion resistance. Henkel structural adhesives are available in a variety of cure speeds for any type of job. Our two-part epoxies have strengths close to heat cure epoxies, eliminating the need for an oven-cure process, thereby reducing bottlenecks and lowering costs.

Overall, Henkel structural adhesives for metal bonding offer:

  • High strength coupled with high impact and peel resistance
  • Compatibility with oily / unclean metal surfaces
  • Resistance to high temperatures and aggressive chemicals
  • Squeeze-out prevention in clamped assemblies
  • A variety of open times to meet processing needs
  • Fast fixture time for handling strength in minimal amount of time
  • Even stress distribution over bond line
  • Cost benefits for replacement and/or reduction of welds, rivets and mechanical fasteners

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