01/07/2010, Rocky Hill, Conn.


Meets Green Limit and Operating Temperature Requirements of Nuclear Power Generation




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Loctite® High Purity Thread Sealant Low in Halogens and Sulfur

For use on threaded stainless steel pipes and fittings found in high temperature environments such as nuclear facilities, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® 5802™ PST® High Purity Thread Sealant.   Formulated to meet nuclear green limit requirements, this product is low in impurities such as halogens, sulfur and low-melting-point metals which can be harmful to metal pipes. 

Loctite® 5802™ PST® Thread Sealant is a high viscosity, medium strength sealant that will not decompose at operating temperatures typically found in a nuclear facility.  The single component anaerobic sealant is available is a 50 ml tube that facilitates hand application.

For more information on Loctite® 5802™ PST® Thread Sealant, call 1-800-LOCTITE (800-562-8483) or visit the company’s Web site at www.henkelna.com/mronew.

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