11/05/2010, Rocky Hill, Conn.


Toughened, Light Cure Adhesives for Medical Device Bonding




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Impact and Fracture-Resistant Instant Adhesives Cure in Seconds Upon Exposure to Light

For medical devices that must withstand impact or flexing, Henkel Corporation has introduced two new Loctite® Flashcure® Light Cure Instant Adhesives. Loctite® 4310™ and Loctite® 4311™ Flashcure® Light Cure Instant Adhesives cure tack-free in just two to five seconds upon exposure to low-intensity UV/visible light. Both adhesives are fluorescent for inspection purposes and meet ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards for medical device assembly. They can be used for bonding hypodermic needles, hearing aids, tubing assemblies and catheters. 

Featuring extremely fast light cure speeds and a secondary moisture-cure mechanism that allows the adhesives to cure thoroughly in unexposed areas, these new toughened light cure formulations adhere to a wide variety of substrates including plastics, elastomers, rubbers and metals.

Loctite® 4310™ Flashcure® Light Cure Instant Adhesive is a clear to pale green, low-viscosity formulation that fills gaps to 0.005-inches using only moisture cure and can cure to depths up to 0.5-inches on exposure to light. Loctite® 4311™ Flashcure® Light Cure Instant Adhesive is a high-viscosity, clear to pale green formulation that fills larger gaps to 0.008-inches using only moisture cure and can be cured to depths up to 0.5-inches upon exposure to light. Both adhesives withstand temperatures ranging from -65° to 180°F.

For more information on new Loctite® 4310™ Flashcure® and Loctite® 4311™ Flashcure® Light Cure Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives, go to  www.henkelna.com/medicalflashcure.  For technical assistance, call 1-800-LOCTITE (800-562-8483).

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