05/10/2007, Rocky Hill, Conn.


Frekote® Mold Release Wipes For Fast, Easy Application

Henkel Corporation has introduced Frekote® 55-NC™ Wipes, a semi-permanent mold release system designed for fast, easy application to a variety of surfaces.  These pre-saturated wipes can be used to release thermoset and prepreg epoxies, polyester resins, thermoplastics, adhesives and rotational molded plastics.

Non-migratory Frekote® 55-NC™ Wipes chemically bond to the mold surface to form a micro-thin film that is non-contaminating and stable at extremely high temperatures. The product can easily be wiped on and cured at room temperature and will maintain its performance through multiple release cycles.  The package design of Frekote® 55-NC™ Wipes ensures their saturation prior to use and extends the usable shelf life of the wipe.