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Henkel manufactures a wide range of industrial adhesives for every application.

From instant adhesives to pressure sensitive tape adhesives, structural adhesives to threadlocker adhesives, Henkel products deliver optimal adhesion, convenience and reliability.

Our environmentally friendly, patented technologies deliver optimal adhesion, while providing the customer an attractive and reliable finished product. Plus, Henkel’s global presence assures customers of consistency in product quality throughout the world.

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LOCTITE® Industrial Adhesive Solutions

LOCTITE® brand industrial adhesives are designed to aid in the manufacture of components and materials. These innovative adhesive products are formulated to withstand severe impact and peel forces, provide high sheer strength, and offer excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

They are non-metallic substances capable of joining materials by surface bonding (adhesion), and the bond possessing adequate internal strength (cohesion).

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LOCTITE® Dispensing and Curing Equipment

Henkel also provides adhesive dispensing and light curing equipment solutions to fit industry needs.

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