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Anaerobic Adhesives

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LOCTITE® Anaerobic Adhesives

Anaerobic adhesives work by completely filling gaps between metal components. Using an anaerobic adhesive prevents loosening from vibration and also protects the joint from corrosion or rust that can result from moisture. They are typically used to augment the seal or holding force of a mechanically joined assembly. Loctite® Anaerobic Adhesives include threadlockers, thread sealants, retaining materials, and gasket sealants.

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Loctite® anaerobic adhesives:


Loctite Threadlockers are a single component anaerobic adhesive comprised of unique liquid resins that harden (or cure) to a durable solid when exposed to metal ions in the absence of air.

Retaining Compounds

Loctite Retaining Compounds fills the “inner space” between components and cure to form a strong precision assembly.


Loctite® anaerobic sealants:

Gasket Sealants and Flange Sealants

Loctite Gasket Sealants and Flange Sealants are single component anaerobic adhesives that provide a low cost, high quality alternative to molded rubber, paper, metal and other hard gaskets.

Thread Sealants

Loctite Thread Sealants are anaerobic adhesives that instantly provide a durable seal between close fitting threads to prevent the costly leakage of gas and liquids.


Loctite® anaerobic surface preperation:

Surface Preparation / Primers

These anaerobic primer products range from solvent-based surface activators to acetone and isopropanol based primers that offer a wide reaching range of applications. 


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How Loctite
® Anaerobic Adhesives Work

Anaerobic adhesives remain liquid until isolated from oxygen in the presence of metal ions. Though anaerobic applications differ widely, in most cases the adhesive provides high shear strength and temperature resistance. Anaerobic adhesives fixture in minutes at room temperature and fully cure within 24 hours. Full cure of anaerobics may be achieved more rapidly using short-term exposure to heat (e.g. 30 minutes at 120°C).

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