Alodine EC2 (ec squared) Corrosion Resistant ElectroCeramic Coating - Protect Against the Forces of Nature

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Alodine® EC²™ ElectroCeramic Coating

Alodine® EC2™ (pronounced EC squared) ElectroCeramic Coating is a revolutionary new base coating for the protection of aluminum, titanium and related alloys in severe environments.


  • Withstands severe environments: protects aluminum and light metal parts.
  • Improves efficiency across the coating process & reduces processing cost: one application level between the metal surface and decorative finish.
  • Improves performance of secondary coating and adhesives & extends life of coated components.
  • Heat and abrasion resistance delivers long-term corrosion protection.
  • Environmentally safe and compliant:  RoHS and ELV compliant and 100% chrome-free.

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  • Alodine EC2 Applications

                                    Small Engines                                                  Aerospace
                                    Outdoor Furniture                                             Automotives
                                    HVAC                                                                  Fasteners
                                    Cookware                                                          Marine Engines

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