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LOCTITE® Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cyanoacrylate adhesives, commonly known as Instant Adhesives in the Industrial world or Super Glue in the Consumer market, are a category of thermoplastic adhesives that are known for rapid fixturing and very high shear strength performance on most plastic, metal, and rubber substrates. Cyanoacrylates or CA adhesives, are ideally suited for bonding applications in high-throughput and fast cycle time manufacturing operations.

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How they work
Traditional cyanoacrylates are acid stabilized, single component adhesives that react rapidly at room temperature when contacted with moisture (a weak base) between tight bond lines.  Henkel also offers Loctite® Flashcure® Instant Adhesives which have the traditional CA adhesive cure mechanism but also contain photoinitiators that polymerize rapidly upon exposure to the correct wavelength of light.  Two component static-mix instant adhesives are also available for applications with large gaps or tolerances.

The Challenge
Although general cyanoacrylate adhesives form a rapid high strength bond between most substrates they also have the tendency to demonstrate low peel and temperature resistance due to their brittle and thermoplastic nature respectively.  CA adhesives are also known for rapid skin bonding, remaining uncured in filets, and having strong odors and blooming effects.

Innovative Henkel Solutions
As the industry leader in industrial strength cyanoacrylate adhesives, Henkel constantly pushes the limits of Loctite branded cyanoacrylate technology with advances in product formulations, packaging designs, and dispense equipment.  From revolutionary light curing and two-component cyanoacrylate adhesive offerings to toughened and low odor/low bloom surface insensitive products, Henkel offers a wide range of highly engineered cyanoacrylate adhesive solutions with a wide array of viscosities in an exceptionally stable and consistent package.  Henkel’s patented Cyanoacrylate technology results in the highest thermal resistant CA adhesives on the market along with the longest shelf life available in the market.  To find out more about selecting the right cyanoacrylate product for your application, please visit Henkel’s Instant Adhesive site.

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