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AssureCure™: When Confidence in Cure is Critical

A System to Quantifiably Measure the Degree of Cure of Adhesive Bonds


Henkel Corporation has introduced a revolutionary new technology designed to quantitatively and cost-effectively assess the degree of cure of light cure adhesives. A simple in-line process, the Loctite® AssureCure™ System includes new adhesive technology, fiber optic light sources, light detector unit, and software that ties into the user's PC or PLC.

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Comparison To Existing Detection Methods
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Comparison to Existing Detection Methods 

Compared with alternative cure detection methods the AssureCure™ system provides the only reliable in-line, non-destructive method to confirm that the adhesive is cured.

Typical Applications:

Light cure adhesives are used to bond and seal devices in a wide range of industries from medical devices to electronic and optical components.

The advantages of very rapid cure rates, excellent adhesion to many materials and the ability to fill large gaps allows manufacturers to accelerate their production processes while producing aesthetically pleasing, clear bond lines.


LCD Screen - Bonding and sealing glass to Derlin® screen bezel 
Speakers - Bonding dust cap to cone, tacking lead wires to cone


Clothes Dryer - Bonding and sealing clear plastic window to dryer door frames

Clothes Washer - Console bonding of laundry appliances

Mobile Phones - Edge bonding

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Goggles - Bonding and sealing PC lens into plastic ski goggle grames

Microscope - Bonding lens to housing

Camera - Bonding and sealing glass lens into aluminum housings


Needles - Bonding cannulae to hubs

Tubing - Bonding and sealing tubes to connectors and components

Fluid Devices - Bonding and sealing housing and components

>Learn more about UV Cure Adhesives >Learn more about UV Cure Adhesives

How They Cure

All liquid light cure adhesives contain photoinitiators which are shown as double red spheres. When the liquid adhesive is exposed to light of an appropriate wavelength and intensity the photoinitiators absorb the light energy and fragment into reactive free radicals. These free radicals react with the monomers, shown as single white spheres, initiating an extremely rapid polymerization process.

Features Benefits
Quantifiable Degree of Cure of Light Cure Adhesives
  • Confirm cure
  • Reduce in-process QC testing
  • Reduce scrapped parts and resources
  • Increase production speeds
Assurecure™ Small system size
  • East fit into existing production lines
  • Minimal space required
Connection to existing PLCs
  • Allows for go/no-go decision
  • Data recording
ISO® 10993 Biocompatible Adhesives
  • Suitable for disposable medical device assembly
Fluorescent in Uncured and Cured State
  • Confirmation of adhesive presence and location parts


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