Substances capable of holding materials together in a useful fashion by means of surface attraction. Non-metallic substances capable of joining materials by surface bonding (adhesion), and the bond possessing adequate internal strength (cohesion).

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> Acrylic Adhesives
Anaerobic Adhesives
> Bottle Labeling Adhesives
> Case & Carton Sealing Adhesives
> Container Labeling Adhesives
> Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
> Epoxy Adhesives
> Flexible Adhesives
> Hot Melt Adhesives

> Instant Adhesives
> Laminating Adhesives
> Medical Device Adhesives
> Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
> Retaining Compounds
> Silicone Adhesives
> Structural Adhesives 
> Threadlockers
> UV Adhesives

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