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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

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Pressure sensitive adhesives are specialized adhesives used in the packaging, automotive, electronic and durable goods industries for foils and films, tapes or labels offering high performance adhesive characteristics.

Henkel creates advantage for every manufacturer of pressure sensitive products. Regardless of end-use or specification, Henkel market-focused specialists deliver value through new product innovations, security of supply, and adhesive and coatings expertise worldwide.

Henkel’s broad portfolio of pressure sensitive adhesives is backed by worldwide technical and application expertise that helps you innovate and grow.

Solvent Acrylics

DURO-TAK® Solvent Acrylics are high performing adhesives designed to meet demanding applications in tapes and graphics, from automotive to electronics and beyond, with properties such as high clarity, impressive heat resistance and more.

Solution Rubber Resins

DURO-TAK® R Solution Rubber Resins stand up to industrial applications that require aggressive tack with a balance of adhesion and holding properties.

Hot Melts

TECHNOMELT® Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are designed to optimize coater liner speeds in labeling, tape and other applications with a broad range of adhesion properties available.

Acrylic Hot Melts

DURO-TAK® UV Acrylic Hot Melts are crosslinked on exposure to ultraviolet light and offer a 100% solids alternative to solution acrylics.

Emulsion Acrylics
AQUENCE® PS Emulsion Acrylics provide permanent and removable performance for the graphic and label markets with humidity resistance, low temperature performance and other useful attributes.

Henkel hot melt, UV-curable, and water and solvent based technologies provide you with a complete range of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and systems from which to choose. Our clean-running, efficient pressure sensitive adhesive products can help you increase productivity and save money.

In addition to pressure sensitive adhesives for tapes and labels, Henkel is a leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives for transdermal drug delivery systems, offering a wide range of innovative products and knowledgeable, confidential technical support.

Our adhesive innovations keep abreast with the latest developments in equipment, release liner and facestock technology, combining the highest quality standards with environmental protection and safety.


Henkel has a pressure sensitive adhesive to meet your need -

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives


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