New Supplier Registration

In order to register your company with Henkel North America as a prospective supplier, you must register through this website. Any data you provide to us through this online registration process will potentially be subject to assessment and/or review by employees of Henkel North America. As a condition to this registration, you agree and acknowledge that any data provided to us may be accessed by Henkel personnel.

Submitting your company's registration

  1. Prior to registering you must determine if your organization is considered a WMBE supplier or not. If identified as a WMBE supplier, please refer to the Supplier Diversity form. All other's please use the Supplier Registration form.
  2. Complete the registration form. Please verify all information is accurate.
  3. After completing and submitting the registration form, your company will now be registered. You will be contacted by Henkel Purchasing should any opportunity become available.


Completing this form does not guarantee your company will receive a request to bid and/or contract from Henkel North America, nor does it imply any type of business relationship with Henkel North America, either now or in the future.
The provided information for this form will be treated in a confidential manner and will be subject to reasonable safeguards against improper disclosure.

Supplier Diversity Program Registration Supplier Registration
Supplier Diversity ProgamSupplier Registration

The Supplier Diversity Program has been established to provide the maximum opportunity for Women & Minority Owned Business Enterprises (WMBE) who want to do business with Henkel.

Please register through this form as prospective supplier with Henkel North America.