05/31/2007, SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.


Sleek, Unique Package Design Distinguishes New Rgx™ Bodyspray From Competition

Product’s Packaging Energizes the Male Grooming/Fragrance Category; Appeals to Regular Guys Who Want Crisp, Clean Fragrances That Do Not Overpower

When The Dial Corporation, a Henkel company, launched its RGX Bodyspray from Right Guard® with a bold strategy to expand the market for bodyspray among young males ages 15-29, it oversaw the creation of a stylish and modern, yet understated packaging design that reflects the essence of its contents.

“We wanted to take a different approach to attract the guy that is reluctant to use or is dissatisfied with current bodysprays due to their overpowering scents and juvenile ‘player’ imagery,” said Brian Houck, Director of Package Design at Dial. “Competitive products are delivered in black packages with abstract or suggestive imagery. We went with a sophisticated design for the RGX package by combining clean graphics and colors on brushed aluminum that appeal to a more mature consumer who wants fresh fragrances that don’t overpower.”

The packaging demonstrates the competitive contrasts between RGX and its competition.  Like its contents, the new package makes a more refined statement on the shelf when compared to its counterparts. The inspired design incorporates a variety of elements that are critical to a young man’s active lifestyle, including electronics and sports.

Though unique colors, each fragrance is distinguished: Chill (blue), Rush (green), Surge (orange) and Refresh (gold). The brushed metal casing is enhanced by the use of a unique, distinctive black “X” logo for RGX. The brushed metal skin, compelling brand mark and vibrant, yet controlled accent colors convey a lighter smelling fragrance offering versus the dark, heavily scented alternatives.

The product packaging of RGX Bodyspray incorporates unique features aligned with the sustainable and proper business ethics of Henkel, including a notice that the RGX package can be recycled and the category’s first warning against inhalant abuse with help information.

“When retailers saw our packaging and displays, they understood how RGX would attract new consumers to the category,” said Dial’s Houck. “In an impulse category like bodysprays, a fresh new entry like RGX®, powered by a trusted brand like Right Guard®, can definitely drive sales.”

For more information about RGX, please visit www.rgxlife.com on the Web.